New Quest Course - Permanent

All Quest 1 and Quest 2 courses must first obtain a temporary approval for General Education and Writing designations from the General Education Committee before being offered. To request a "permanent" designation, quest courses must first have been given "temporary" approval.

Addition of a permanent Quest/General Education, or Writing Requirement designation may only be requested for existing courses or proposed courses that have already been approved by the University Curriculum Committee (i.e., SCNS approval may be pending). Modification or removal of a General Education or Writing Requirement designation may be requested at any time.

Process Steps

The academic approval tracking system will automatically route the request (including all accompanying forms and documents) to the following groups for approval and/or notification.

  1. Quest Director (Approval is required from the Quest Director or designee)
  2. Department (Approval is required from the Chair or other designated approver for the department that offers the course, typically following review by the department curriculum committee.)
  3. College (Approval is required from the Dean or other designated approver for the college or unit in the preceding step, typically following review by the college curriculum committee.)
  4. QCC (Approval is required from Quest Curriculum Committee.)
  5. UCC (Approval is required from the University Curriculum Committee.)
  6. GEC (Approval is required from General Education Committee.)
  7. SCNS (Approval is required from the Florida Board of Education, with inclusion of the course in the Statewide Course Numbering System.)
  8. OUR (Approval is required from the Office of the University Registrar.)
  9. SASS (The change will be entered into the Student Academic Support System, effective in the term approved for the request.)
  10. CAT [N](Designation will be reflected in the undergraduate catalog.)
  11. College [N] (The College is notified of request approval.)
  12. Quest Director [N] (The Director of Quest is notified of the request approval.)

Required Documents

  • Syllabus (with required Quest and General Education components included)
  • Narrative letter

Enter Academic Approval Tracking

Click the start button below to enter the approval tracking system (requires GatorLink login). If you have questions, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Affairs at 392-1303.


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