Instructions for External Consultations

External consultations should be performed if the proposed course has the potential to overlap with or provides similar competencies as a course in another department and there is no agreement between the two departments to co-list the course. For example, one department may feel that the course content should be exclusive to their department and must be consulted before a similar course is approved. 

Co-listing courses: Any agreements between two or more departments to co-list a course do not need to be included on this form. Co-listing occurs when one department lists the same course under their course code with another department in an effort to attract more students or a cross-disciplinary audience.  For example, POS 4931 and LAS 4935 Politics of Transnational Migration are co-listed by Political Science and Latin American Studies. 

The external consultation form must be completed by the chair of the potentially affected department and cannot simply be completed by the instructor teaching the course. 

External Consultation Form