Modifying an Academic Assessment Plan and/or Student Learning Outcome

Use this process to modify an Academic Assessment Plans (AAP) an/or its Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).

Visit the Institutional Assessment website for more information on AAPs and SLOs.

Process Steps

The academic approval tracking system will automatically route the request (including all accompanying forms and documents) to the following groups for approval and/or notification.

  1. Department (Approval is required from the Chair or other designated approver for the department that will offer the academic program, typically following review by the department curriculum committee.)
  2. College (Approval is required from the Dean or other designated approver for the college or unit in the preceding step, typically following review by the college curriculum committee.)
  3. AAC (Approval is required from the Academic Assessment Committee.)

Compliance Assist

  • Enter the modified Academic Assessment Plan (AAP) or Student Learning Outcome (SLO) into the existing plan in Compliance Assist, at the time of approval by the College.

Enter Academic Approval Tracking

When you have prepared the required documents, click the start button below to enter the approval tracking system (requires GatorLink login).

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