Transfer Ownership of a Course

Requests for course transfers may be submitted by a faculty member or academic unit at any time. For assistance, click "Contact" above.

Process Steps

The academic approval tracking system will automatically route the request (including all accompanying forms and documents) to the following groups for approval and/or notification.

  1. Department (Approval is required from the Chair or other designated approver for the department that will offer the course, typically following review by the department curriculum committee.)
  2. College (Approval is required from the Dean or other designated approver for the college or unit in the preceding step, typically following review by the college curriculum committee.)
  3. APUG (Approval is required by the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs.)
  4. OUR (The Office of the University Registrar implements any approved changes into the student systems, including the catalog.)
  5. CAT (A final verification is done to ensure that all approved changes were properly entered into the undergraduate catalog, effective in the term approved for the request.)
  6. College [N] (The College is notified of request approval.)

A separate syllabus document is not required for submission of this request.

Required Documents

  • A letter stating the departments involved in the transfer, the desired effective date of the transfer, the rationale and signatures from the Dean's of both Colleges involved.
  • Please check with your College Curriculum Committee regarding any additional paperwork which may be required prior to submission.

Enter Academic Approval Tracking

Click the start button below to start the approval process by completing the approval form (requires GatorLink login).

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