Quest 2 Curriculum Update

Timeline for Submissions of Quest 2 Curriculum Updates (by College)

  • If you already have programs ready to be submitted please feel free to submit at any time before your stated deadline date. The requests may be reviewed earlier than the listed deadlines.


December UCC (deadline for submission to UCC – November 27th)

  • PHHP
  • HHP
  • NR
  • DCP

January UCC (deadline for submission to UCC – December 18th)

  • CALS
  • COTA

February UCC (deadline for submission to UCC – January 22nd)

  • CLAS
  • JM

March UCC (deadline for submission to UCC – February 19th)

  • WCB
  • ED

Before You Get Started

  • This request should only contain the Quest 2 update, no other changes should be submitted in this request.
  • Any subsequent curriculum change requests submitted after this Quest 2 update, must contain the Quest 2 course in the curriculum plan.
  • If you have already submitted a curriculum modification request for the 2021-22 academic catalog please indicate previous request number in the Description field of the Quest 2 modification request.    (April 2020-until now)


Please name all Requests in the following manner:


  • EXAMPLE: CALS BS Microbiology - Quest 2 Curriculum Update.
  • This will be done on the second page of the Approval System Request form.



Please upload the 8-semester plan for each specialization of a major individually to the major curriculum change request. Upload each as a seperate word document using the following nomenclature for naming:

  • Major[Specialization] – Quest 2 Curriculum Update

UF Online:

If the major has a an On-campus and a UF Online versions you may submit both curriruculum updates in the same request.

Submitting Curriculum Update:

You will submit your plan via the Academic Approval Tracking System.

Enter the “Major” tab, and follow the tabs for Modify a Major-Modify the Curriculum of a Major-Undergraduate or Professional.

  • This request will require Catalog Copy to be submitted. The Catalog Copy should be created with Microsoft Word with “Tracked Changes” enabled. (Guide: Tracked Changes Document)
  • If there are multiple specializations under a major, a separate document will need to be created for each Model Semester Plan and uploaded. The document should be saved with the name “ [Title of the Specialization] – Quest 2 curriculum update”, and upload to the Major change request after the request has been created.

  • Respond to the questions asked on the first page of the Approval System
  • For Effective Term and Effective Year, please select "Earliest Available".

  • Please list the current Curriculum for the Major, this may be done by copying the model semester plan from the Undergraduate Catalog, and pasting it into the designated box.

  • For “Proposed Curriculum Changes”, please identify the course that is being replaced and indicate that “Quest 2” will now be in the model semester plan for that semester.
    1. Quest 2 added in semester 2, 3, 4, etc. Be sure to identify the desired semester and that the Quest 2 course follows AFTER the Quest 1 course in progression.
    2. Identify the course that Quest 2 will now be replacing, i.e. EXE 2XXXX
    3. All changes that are a result of adding the Quest 2 requirement must be included in this list of proposed curriculum changes, including any courses that are being moved to different semesters. 
    4. The placement of the Quest 2 course is up to the program, the course can be restricted to an S course or B/P or it may be flexible depending on the needs of the program.

  • This change will need to be mirrored exactly in the Model Semester Plan Catalog copy that will be uploaded to this request.
  • The Quest 2 course must follow AFTER the Quest 1 course in the model semester plan. They cannot be in the same semester.
  • Please be reminded that Quest 2 courses will be a prerequisite for Quest 3 courses. This should be considered when selecting what semester the Quest 2 change should occur.

  • For “Pedagogical Rationale/Justification”, please state
    • “Incorporation of Quest 2 course into Major Curriculum Plan.”

  • Title the submission as: “COLLEGE ABBREVIATION-DEGREE TYPE-MAJOR NAME - Quest 2 Curriculum Update.”
    • EXAMPLE: CALS BS Microbiology - Quest 2 Curriculum Update. This will be done on the second page of the Approval System Request
  • Description of Request:
    • Please use the following format for the description section: “Quest 2 Curriculum update for XXXX major from College of XXXXX.”

  • Select the appropriate group to send the request to, in most cases this should be your department.
  • Upload your document(s) once the request forms have been created and submitted (click the green “Submit” button). To upload your document, select the “Add document” button in the newly created request.
    • Please remember to title any documents in line with previously stated recommendations:
      • Major (or specialization) catalog copy - Quest 2 curriculum update
    • Please make sure any catalog copy is created with Tracked Changes turned on. (Guide: Tracked Changes Document)

To immediately start creating your request click the button below:

If there are any issues creating a request in the Academic Approval System, please feel free to contact:

Casey Griffith

Assistant Director of Academic Support Services

Office of Undergraduate Affairs

238 Tigert Hall